• Fourth stage: leapfrog development stage (2016-present)

  • Second stage: scale development (1996-2005)

  • Second stage: scale development (1996-2005)

    Focusing on quality, we should establish and improve quality management system, attach importance to product development, enrich product lines, and realize the leap to ultra-high voltage power fittings. We have initially established a three-level marketing network at provincial, municipal and county levels, which has become the leading geese in Yueqing power fittings industry.

    8. In 1997, Yonggu entered the ranks of large taxpayers in Yueqing City.
    9. In 1998, Yonggu passed the certification of ISO 9001 quality management system.
    10. In 1999, the company completed the joint-stock reform and was promoted to Zhejiang Yonggu Gold Fittings Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 20.7 million yuan.
    11. In 2000, Yonggu developed fixed grounding clamp, copper-aluminium transition branch clamp and insulated access clamp, which won patent for utility model.
    12. In 2001, Xinguang Industrial Park in Yonggu Liuzhou Town was completed and put into operation, covering an area of 22.3 mu, with a total construction area of about 17,000 square meters. Its annual sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan.
    13. In 2001, Yonggu entered the ranks of big taxpayers in Wenzhou, and the "Gu" brand electric power fittings were recognized as the famous brand products in Wenzhou.
    14. In 2002, the "Gu" brand was awarded the well-known trademark of Wenzhou City; the "Gu" brand electric power fittings were recognized as Zhejiang famous brand products; the NLL, NXJ, NXL series tension clamps were identified as China's energy-saving products.
    15. In 2002, Zhejiang Yonggu Golden Fittings Co., Ltd. was promoted to Yonggu Golden Fittings Co., Ltd. with registered capital of 51.57 million yuan.
    16. In 2003, forging, cast iron and malleable cast iron power fittings obtained industrial product production licenses, and thus obtained all four types of power fittings production licenses.
    17. In 2003, Yonggu's 500 kV UHV series electric power fittings passed the provincial new product appraisal, marking Yonggu formally entered the UHV era.
    18. In 2004, Shanghai Yonggu Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd., the first cross-regional holding subsidiary invested by Yonggu, was put into operation. It covers an area of 100 mu. It mainly produces and develops ultra (ultra) high voltage electric power fittings, providing supporting services for international electric power projects.
    19. In 2005, Yonggu was promoted to Yonggu Group Co., Ltd., which marks that Yonggu has become an electric power fittings enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.
  • First stage: initial accumulation of resources (1985-1995)

    Founded in 1985, the company started with four people and three equipments. Under the leadership of its founder, Zheng Xiaochao, it carried forward the spirit of hard struggle and tenacity, made its products marketable, won high praise in the market, and completed the accumulation of the original capital of the enterprise.

    1. In 1985, "Yueqing Yonggu Gold Factory" was established in a small courtyard of Zhexi Village, Liuzhou City. Starting from four people and three equipments, it began the journey of the electric power metal industry.
    2. In 1988, the Huxiaoqiao plant in Liushi was completed and put into operation, covering an area of 1.2 mu with a total building area of 1200 square meters. Since then, the company has owned a formal factory building.
    3. In 1989, Yueqing Yonggu Golden Fittings Factory obtained the production license of electric power fittings (aluminum, copper and aluminium electric fittings).
    4. In 1991, the graphic "solid" trademark of Yonggu Golden Ware Factory in Yueqing County was registered with the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
    5. In 1994, the Changhong Factory of Liuzhou City was completed and put into operation, covering an area of 2.76 mu, with a total building area of 3,255 square meters. The production scale of the company was further expanded.
    6. In 1995, Yueqing Yonggu Gold Factory was promoted to Zhejiang Yonggu Gold Factory with registered capital of 5.1 million yuan.
    7. In 1995, the Party Branch of Zhejiang Yonggu Gold Tool Factory of the Communist Party of China was established, and the Trade Union Committee of Zhejiang Yonggu Gold Tool Factory was established.